The hot air engine was supposed to replace the steam engine and to be the engine of the future.
Air to generate energy, what a challenge!

Air presented many advantages over steam. But despite the tremendous endeavours of many inventors, scientist, manufacturers, etc., fact is, the hot air engine NEVER supplanted the steam engine.
Worse, although it was used in many manufactures and businesses, it disappeared step by step confronted to the sucess of the polluting gas engine.

Why so?

This section will try to answer this question.
Why has the hot air engine been a failure?

In doing so it will also help to clarify whether or not, from a technical perspective, the hot air engine has a future.

This is done by means of writtings reporting discussions, debates, controversies, historical background, technical arguments, etc.
Some enlightments coming from related technologies like steam engine or gas engine are also provided.

All the given information comes from the 19th century. It will be seen that during this very century, the knowledge about hot air engine was far greater than nowadays.
The articles are given in the chronological order so that the reader can follow, the evolution of the technology, the related debate and hype.

Today a lot is said about hot air engines. Why not first read what already has been investigated about it ?
A gold mine at one fingertip.